Information on Cryotherapy Clothing and Helpful Tips

Cryotherapy chambers and saunas use frigid temperatures to bring skin temperatures down of athletes, and celebrities. Because these temperatures are extremely cold, special clothing must be warn. Clients should arrive in gym attire. Men should wear shorts/swimsuits, T-shirts/tanks, socks and gym shoes. Women should wear shorts/swimsuits, top/sports bra, socks and gym shoes. None of these items should be wet, due to potential frostbite of entering the chamber/sauna. Sometime places will provide socks, or plastic clogs if clients need them.


Feet, ears, and hands are the most bundled part during cryotherapy.  These extremities are most susceptible frostbite.  In cryotherapy the blood vessels, and blood constrict in the muscles due to extreme temperatures.  The lack of blood supply and oxygen to the skin can start to damage the cells. The more susceptible parts of the body are covered for protection in cryotherapy.

Some cryotherapy spas, chambers, or saunas will provide gloves, headbands, and masks (covers mouth and nose). Some places also offer robes, or sleeves to cover calves and forearms due to sensitivity. Clients should not wear lose jeans, slacks, or lose fitting clothes. These can harden under high temperatures.  Any type of condensation can freeze immediately. For this purpose, people should avoid showering or working out before cryotherapy. Cologne, perfume, lotions, oils, or alcohol based products should not be applied either.


  1. Do not wear jewelry
  2. Do not touch walls with bare skin
  3. No horseplay
  4. Exiting is allowed at any time
  5. All protective clothing and foot ware must be worn

After exiting the session, clients should find a way to warm up. This can be done via warm drinks, light exercise or blankets. Light exercise is recommended. Blood circulation to chilled muscles will start process of healing and removing soreness.